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Corporate Gift

Corporate Gift

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... was to sustain a severe change of fortune in the near future, if the cards spoke correctly. Judge Van Woort, who was not expected to live corporate gift through the night, got better immediately after hearing some one in the sick-room corporate gift whisper that Montgomery Brewster was to give a big dinner. Naturally, the heirs-to-be condemned young Brewster in

corporate gift

no uncertain terms. Nevertheless, the dinner to be given by the grandson of old Edwin Peter Brewster was the talk of the town, and not one of the sixty invited guests could have been persuaded to miss it. Reports as to its magnificence were abroad long before the night corporate gift set for

corporate gift

the dinner. One of them had it that it was to cost $3,000 ThirdPart400_500 a plate. From that figure the legendary price receded to a mark as low as $500. Montgomery would have been only too glad to pay $3,000 or more, but some mysterious force conveyed to his mind a perfect portrait of Swearengen Jones in the act of putting down a large black corporate gift mark against him, and he forbore. "I wish I knew whether I had to abide by the New York or the Montana standard of extravagance," Brewster said to himself.

"I wonder if he ever sees the New York papers." Late each night the last of the grand old Brewster family went to his bedroom where, after dismissing his man, he settled down ThirdPart400_500 at his desk, with a pencil and a pad of paper. Lighting the candles, which were more easily managed, he found, than lamps, and much more costly, he thoughtfully and religiously calculated the expenses for the day. "Nopper" Harrison and Elon Gardner had the receipts for all moneys spent, and Joe Bragdon was keeping an official report, but the "chief," as they corporate gift called him, could corporate gift not go to sleep until he was satisfied in his own mind that he was keeping up the average. For the first two weeks it had been easy-- in fact, he seemed to have quite a comfortable lead in the race. He had spent almost $100,000 in the fortnight, but he realized that the greater part of it had gone into the yearly and not the daily expense-account.

He kept a "profit and loss" entry in corporate gift his little private ledger, but it was not like any other account of the kind in the world.

What the ordinary merchant would have charged to "loss" he jotted down on the "profit" side, and he was continually looking for opportunities to swell the corporate gift total. Rawles, who had been his ThirdPart400_500 grandfather's butler since the day after he landed in New York, came over to the grandson's establishment, greatly to the corporate gift wrath and confusion of the

corporate gift

latter's Aunt Emmeline. The chef came from Paris and his name was Detuit. Ellis, the footman, also found a much better berth with Monty than he had had in the house on the avenue. Aunt Emmeline never forgave her nephew for these base and disturbing acts of treachery, as she called them. One of Monty's most extraordinary financial feats grew out of the purchase of a $14,000 automobile. He blandly admitted to "Nopper" Harrison and the two secretaries that he intended corporate gifts to use it to practice with only, and that as soon as he learned how to run an "auto" as it should be run he ThirdPart400_500 expected to buy a good, sensible, durable machine for $7,000. His staff officers frequently put their heads together to devise ways and means of curbing Monty's reckless extravagance. They were worried. "He's like a sailor in port," protested Harrison. "Money

corporate finance

is ...

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