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uld do you up." Mr. McGowan smiled. "Not them," he

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said. "Not any Dagoes. But you've located the diagnosis all right enough--it's under my coat, near the ribs. Say! Ikey--Rosy and me are goin' to run away and get married to-night." Ikey's left forefinger was doubled over the edge of the mortar, holding it steady. He gave it a wild rap with the pestle, but felt it not. Meanwhile Mr. cheap web hosting McGowan's smile faded to a look of perplexed gloom. "That is," he continued, "if she keeps in the notion until the time comes. We've been layin' pipes for the getaway for two weeks. One day she says she will; the same evenin' she says nixy. We've agreed on to-night, and Rosy's cheap car rental stuck to car cheap rental the affirmative this time for two whole days. But it's five hours yet till the time, and I'm afraid she'll stand me up when it comes to the scratch." "You said you wanted drugs," remarked Ikey. Mr. McGowan looked ill at ease and harassed--a condition opposed to his usual line of demeanour. He made a patent-medicine almanac into a roll and fitted it with ThirdPart400_500 unprofitable carefulness about his finger. "I wouldn't have this double handicap make a false start to-night for a million," he said. "I've got a little flat up in Harlem all ready, with chrysanthemums on the table and a kettle ready to boil. And I've engaged a pulpit pounder to be ready at his house for cheap web hosting us at 9.30. It's got to come off. And if Rosy don't change her mind cheap web cheap web hosting hosting again!"--Mr. McGowan ceased, a prey to his doubts. "I don't see then yet," said Ikey, shortly, "what makes it that you talk of drugs, or what I can be doing about it." "Old man Riddle don't like me a little bit," went on the uneasy suitor, bent upon marshalling his arguments. "For a week he hasn't let Rosy step outside the door with me. If it wasn't for losin' a boarder they'd have bounced me long ago. I'm makin' $20 a week and she'll never regret flyin' the coop with Chunk car cheap rental McGowan." "You will excuse me, Chunk," said Ikey.

"I must make a prescription that is to be called for soon." "Say," said McGowan, looking up suddenly, "say, Ikey, ain't there a drug of some kind--some kind of powders that'll make a girl like you better if you give 'em to

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her?" Ikey's lip beneath his nose cheap web hosting curled with the scorn of superior enlightenment; but before he could answer, McGowan continued: "Tim Lacy told me he got some once from a croaker uptown and fed 'em to his girl in soda water. From the very first dose he was ace-high and everybody else looked like thirty cents to her. They was married in less than two weeks." Strong and simple was

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Chunk McGowan. A better reader of ThirdPart400_500 men than Ikey was could have seen that his tough frame was strung upon fine wires. Like a good general who was about to invade the enemy's territory he was seeking to guard every point against possible failure. "I thought," went on Chunk hopefully, "that if I had one of them powders to give Rosy when I see her at supper to-night it might brace her up and keep her from reneging on the proposition to skip. I guess she don't need a mule team to drag her away, but women are better at coaching than they are at running bases.

If the stuff'll work just for a couple of hours it'll do the trick." "When is this foolishness of running away ...

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