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Car Insurance Rate

Car Insurance Rate

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... ces of shattered glass covered the place. The table was a sickening heap of crushed orchids and sputtering candles. Frightened servants rushed into the room from one side just as Brewster entered from the other. Stupefaction halted them. After the first pulseless moment of horror, exclamations of dismay went up on all sides.

For Monty Brewster the first sensation of regret was followed by a diabolical sense of joy. "Thank the Lord!" he

car insurance rate

said softly in the hush. The look of surprise he encountered in the faces of his guests brought him up with a jerk. "That it didn't happen while we were dining," he added with serene thankfulness. And his nonchalance scored for him in the idle game he was equity home loan loan rate playing. CHAPTER VII A LESSON IN car insurance rate TACT Mr. Brewster's butler was surprised and annoyed. For the first time in his official career he had unbent so far as to manifest a personal interest in the welfare of his master. He was on the verge of assuming a responsibility which makes any servant intolerable. But after his interview he resolved that he would never again overstep his position. He made sure that it should be the last offense. The day following the dinner Rawles appeared before young Mr. Brewster and indicated by his manner that the call was an important one. Brewster was seated at his writing- table, deep in thought. The exclamation that followed Rawles's cough of announcement was so sharp and so unmistakably fierce that all other evidence paled into insignificance. The butler's interruption came at a moment when Monty's mental arithmetic was pulling itself out of a very bad rut, and the cough drove it back into chaos. "What is it," he demanded, irritably.

Rawles had upset his calculations to the extent of seven or eight hundred dollars. "I came to report h'an equity loan rate unfortunate condition h'among the servants, sir," said Rawies, stiffening as his car insurance rate responsibility became more and more weighty. He had relaxed temporarily upon entering the room. "What's the trouble?" "The trouble's h'ended, sir." "Then why bother me about it?" "I thought it would be well for you to know, sir. The servants was going to ask for 'igher wiges to-day, sir." "You say they were going to ask.

Aren't they?" And Monty's eyes lighted up at the thought of new possibilities. "I convinced them, sir, as how they were getting good pay as it is, sir, and that they ought to be satisfied.

They'd be a long time finding a better place and as good wiges. They 'aven't been with you a week, and here they are strikin' for more pay. Really, sir, these American servants--" "Rawles, that'll do!" exploded Monty. The butler's chin went up and his cheeks grew redder than ever. "I beg pardon, sir," he gasped, with a respectful but injured air. "Rawles, you will kindly not interfere in ThirdPart400_500 such matters again. It is not only the privilege, but the duty of every American to strike for higher pay whenever he feels like it, and I want it distinctly understood that I am heartily in favor of their attitude. You will kindly go back and tell them that after a reasonable length of service their wiges--I mean wages--shall car insurance rate be increased. AND DON'T MEDDLE AGAIN, Rawles." Late that afternoon Brewster dropped in at Mrs. DeMille's to talk over plans for the next dinner. He realized that in no car insurance rate other way could he squander his money with a better chance of getting its worth than by throwing himself bodily into society. loan rate It went easily, and there could be only one asset arising from it in the end--his own sense of car insurance rate disgust. "So glad to see you, Monty," greeted Mrs. Dan, glowingly, coming in with a rush. "Come upstairs and I'll give you some tea and a cigarette. I'm not at home to anybody." "That's very good of you, Mrs. Dan," said he, as they mounted the stairs.

"I don't know what I'd do without your help." He was thinking how pretty she was. "You'd be richer, at car insurance rate any rate," turning to smile upon him from the upper landing.

"I was in tears half the night, equity home loan rate Monty, over that glass screen," she said, after finding a comfortable place among the cushions of a divan. Brewster dropped into a roomy, lazy chair punish her by staying away, it was evident that she felt car insurance rate equally responsible for a great deal of misery on his part. Both had been more or less unhappy, and both were resentfully obstinate. Brewster felt hurt and insulted, while she felt that he had imposed upon her disgracefully. He was now ready to cry quits and it surprised him to find her obdurate. If he had home loan rate expected to dictate the terms of peace he was woefully disappointed when she treated his advances with cool contempt. "Barbara, car insurance rate you know I care very much for you," he was pleading, fairly on the road to submission. "I am sure you are not quite indifferent to me. This foolish misunderstanding must really be as disagreeable to you as it is to me." "Indeed," she replied, lifting her brows disdainfully. "You are assuming a good deal, Mr. Brewster." "I am merely recalling the fact that you once told me you cared. You

car insurance rate

would not promise anything, I know, but it meant much that you cared. A little difference could not have changed your feeling completely." "When you are ready to treat me with respect I may listen to your petition," she said, rising agent insurance haughtily. "My petition?" He did not like car insurance rate the word and his tact quite deserted him. "It's as much yours as mine. Don't car insurance rate throw the burden of responsibility on me, Miss Drew." "Have I suggested going back to the old


relations? You will pardon me if I remind you of the fact that you came to-day on your own initiative and certainly without my solicitation." "Now, look here, Barbara--" he began, dimly realizing that it was going to be hard, very hard, to reason. "I am very equity home loan rate sorry, Mr. Brewster, but you will have to excuse me. I am equity loan rate going out." "I regret exceedingly that I should have disturbed you to-day, Miss Drew," he said, swallowing his pride.

"Perhaps I may have the pleasure of seeing you again." As he was leaving the house, deep anger in his soul, he encountered the Colonel. There was something about Monty's greeting, cordial as it was, that gave the older man a hint as to the situation. "Won't you car insurance rate stop for dinner, Monty?" he asked, in the hope that his suspicion was groundless. "Thank you, Colonel, not to-night," and he was off before the Colonel could hold home equity loan rate him. Barbara was tearfully angry when her father came into the room, but ...

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